Australia is the smallest of the seven continents and covers about 5.6% of Earth’s landmass. In Oceania there are 14 countries and a number of dependent territories. That’s a huge variety to cover and read about.

Luxury in the Northern Territory

The borders are opening and it’s time to get red. Here are our top three places for a luxurious sojourn in the NT.

The Angel of Islington

The smoke rises from the charring wood. I put my feet on the polished concrete hearth to take the clichéd selfie not of bare feet with finely painted toe nails on a sandy beach but of booted feet toasting in front of the burning log fire.

Australia’s Best Local Diving Escapes Where You Can Have a Scuba Diving Holiday in Your State

You don’t need to travel overseas to discover the best of the underwater world, with so many experiences to be had right here in Australia.

Why go international when you can go to Tassie?

We have a lot more chance of going to Tasmania soon than to Europe but looks like there’s no need to cross the international dateline because Tassie is offering everything from their own brand of bubbles through to the southern lights and even whisky distilleries.

Find your Zen at these wellness retreats in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to two wellness retreats set in Liam-Hemsworth-style-take-your-breath-away stunning landscapes. Aro-ha and Split Apple Retreat.

An overseas holiday in Australia

While we may not be heading long haul until 2021, there is one destination that is not off limits for overseas travel and that is Tassie.

New Zealand Luxury Lodges allow guests to set their own price

Oh to live in the land of the long white cloud and to holiday in the world’s most divine lodges at the price one names. It sounds like a fantasy but what would one expect in the land that brought to life the Lord of the Rings.

freewheeling tasmania
Pinot and Pedal in Tasmania

Cycling popularity is growing even further with the need to social distance. Australians are ready to get off our couches and start shifting the ISO kilos.

Five New Year Destinations You May Not Have Considered

Let’s face it. New Year is the world biggest party. Bring in the New Year with our top five destinations you’ve never thought of.

Melbourne’s North Star: Adina Northbank

Northbank might not be the luxury end of town, and it’s the perfect place to stay if you would like some comfort without a hefty price tag.