Asia is the largest of the five continents with fifty countries. The largest is Russia and the second largest is China with the Maldives being the smallest independent state.

Learn the Japanese ‘Art of Welcoming’ and the Ways of the Ryokan with the Ryokan Collection

Japanese people are known across the globe for their omotenashi. In its simplest form, omotenashi means Japanese hospitality.

Five New Year Destinations You May Not Have Considered

Let’s face it. New Year is the world biggest party. Bring in the New Year with our top five destinations you’ve never thought of.

HOSHINOYA Kyoto Garden
The Hoshinoya Kyoto brings the Edo period of nobility alive in exquisite luxury

“You have to be a very special Japanese person to stay at the Hoshinoya,” my taxi driver confided before he dropped me off.

7 Reasons to Visit Jordan (other than the Treasury in Petra)

There are cities, landmarks and experiences that make the cut on most bucket lists. And a visit to the ancient metropolis of Petra in Jordan is one of them.

The World’s Most Luxurious Train Journeys

Get to know the world’s most luxurious train journeys with TravelManagers. It’s a life’s unforgettable experiences and the ultimate travel indulgence.

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A Night with the Russian Ballet

A night with the Russian Ballet with internationally renowned ballerinas in St. Petersburg in a country of mystery, fierce winters and great beauty.

The Deluxe Collection

With over 23 years of experience building strong bonds with local guides and catering to every style of travel, Wendy Wu Tours offers unique and enriching opportunities.

The Land of Colours

India can sometimes be a little overwhelming to navigate. For first time travellers and luxury seekers, Wendy Wu Tours is everything you could possibly desire.

Image courtesy of The Ritz Paris
Five of the World’s Most Expensive Cocktails

Cocktail envy is taking over the world’s hottest bars with each bar tender striving to make a more exclusive and expensive drink than the last.

Liquid Bling

A Mercedes A Class or a Champagne Cocktail? Take your choice. Billionaires are increasing and so is the list of excess.