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Phuket’s newest beach club – Carpe Diem in Thailand

Phuket’s newest beach club – Carpe Diem in Thailand

Carpe Diem Beach Club
 Carpe Diem Outdoor Dining Day
Carpe Diem Outdoor Dining Day

Phuket dining and drinking

Phuket, the darling of Thai tourist islands, is set to boom in a post-pandemic influx of both tourists and investors seeking fresh opportunities outside the hustle and bustle of big cities.

There is a global exodus of people from built-up metropolis areas to rural utopias. Phuket residents and business owners are feeling quietly optimistic about what lies ahead after a tumultuous couple of years. A testament to burgeoning confidence in the region is the commitment and investment made by the owners of Phuket’s newest beach club ‘Carpe Diem’.

Benny De Bellis and Bruce Hanrahan, managing partners of ‘Carpe Diem Beach Club,’ are confident they have not only found the winning formula regarding strategy with a simple supply and demand logic, but are also thrilled to be adding to the rejuvenation of one of Phuket’s popular, yet serene beaches, ‘Bang Tao Beach’.

 Carpe Diem Lounge Day View
Carpe Diem Lounge Day View

Bang Tao Beach – Full service with comfortable sunbeds

Bang Tao Beach is an 8km stretch of golden sand and is home to well-established hotel brands such as Banyan Tree, Angsana and the Laguna Phuket integrated resort, which the latter put this area, ‘Cherngtalay’ in the northwest pocket of Phuket truly on the map.

The beach club offers full beach service with comfortable sunbeds for those who enjoy relaxing by the sea with a cocktail in hand. There is a fully-fledged restaurant so diners can soak up the sea air and superb vistas whilst they eat. The menu is hand-selected by the owners and contains many dishes that Benny loved as a boy growing up in rural Italy, and Bruce imbibed in his time in southern Spain, so there is an element of authenticity and love in the preparation of each dish.

In both its cuisine and ambiance, Carpe Diem Beach Club delivers a Mediterranean experience that is fresh, rustic, and modern. A distinctive feature of this beach club is its commitment to providing a refined and upscale environment with a friendly welcome and uplifting atmosphere with daily DJ sessions.

About Carpe Diem Beach Club

Founded in Q4 2021 as a love child born from the pandemic, owners Bruce Hanrahan and Benny De Bellis bring a touch of Mediterranean style to the shores of Bang Tao Beach, on the west coast of Phuket Island, Thailand. The restaurant serves food all day long complemented by a superb wine and cocktail offering. As with the name, experiences at Carpe Diem are aimed to fulfill guests’ desire for living life to the fullest via a feeling of a sense of place, satisfaction with service, and the pure enjoyment of great food and drinks. The Grand Opening is Q1 2022.

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