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Canada celebrates Earth Day at Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

Canada celebrates Earth Day at Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

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April 22 marks Earth Day, the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970, giving voice to the growing public consciousness about the state of our planet.

Canada’s dedicated stewardship of its biospheres are in the spotlight on Earth Day, with Canada home to no less than 18 UNESCO-designated biospheres of varying geography, climate and expansive culture, reflecting the country’s diverse personality.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Image courtesy of Destination Canada

The Clayoquot Biosphere Trust – Sustainability and cultural initiatives for Earth Day

Our spotlight is on the glamorous tented camp of Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge Signature Experience found in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve in British Columbia.

Accessible by floatplane (45 mins from Vancouver) or a 30-minute water taxi from Tofino, this sought-after glamping experience includes whale watching, horseback riding, hiking and kayaking, as well as opportunities to meet local Indigenous communities whose stories of the ancient rainforest have inspired one of the strongest conservation movements in Canada. The Clayoquot Biosphere Trust has implemented several sustainability and cultural initiatives.

Canadian Wildlife Image courtesy Destination Canada

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