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Another reason to visit Byron Bay – Macadamia Beer

Another reason to visit Byron Bay – Macadamia Beer

Malty Mac Beer from Byron Bay

Australian Macadamias and Stone & Wood present ‘Malty Mac’ – nut your average beer

macadamias grown in northern nsw australia 1
Macadamias grown in Northern NSW Australia

Stone & Wood join with Australian Macadamias

What happens when two Northern Rivers’ icons join forces? The answer is homegrown magic in the form of a one-of-a-kind limited edition lager. Australian Macadamias and award-winning brewery, Stone & Wood have teamed up to produce ‘Malty Mac’ – a cellar door only macadamia-inspired beer.

Macadamias are an Australian native nut, primarily produced in Northern NSW and South East Queensland. Similarly, Stone & Wood’s roots are in these areas, making a partnership between the two locals a natural and damn delicious fit. The buttery ‘Malty Mac’ lager is a true reflection of the macadamia farms of the Northern Rivers, it is relaxed and smooth, with blended robust Munich and pilsner malts to give the brew dark golden hues, for an inviting appearance.

What makes ‘Malty Mac’ extra special is the roasted macadamias and macadamia shells added to the fermenter that impart a unique and bold nutty character, complemented by a light level of hops, for a clean finish. The unique flavour combination is achieved by roasting both the shell and the kernel of the macadamias to create a subtle, malty, textural, caramel coloured beer – fit for easy drinking.

Josh Waters: Byron brewer for Stone & Wood Brewing Co

Byron brewer for Northern Rivers founded Stone & Wood Brewing Co, Josh Waters, who was instrumental in the creation of ‘Malty Mac’ says, “Australian Macadamias are the best quality in the world and it’s something we have in abundance here in the Northern Rivers. We thought the idea of getting macadamia flavour into a nice malty lager would work really well and so Malty Mac was born.

It’s a lager based on a traditional German dunkel style beer that we’ve modernised for the Aussie palate, by adding macadamias. This approachable beer is perfect for food pairing, so it’s ideal for eating with lunch here in the brewery.”

The limited edition Malty Mac is available exclusively from the Stone & Wood Brewery Tasting Rooms in Byron Bay from 15 November 2021, so pack your bags and don’t miss out. It’d be rude nut to!

Malty Mac Beer
Malty Mac Beer

About Australian Macadamias

As the leading producer of macadamias in the world, Australia contributes more than 30% of the global crop. Australia has exported around 70% of its macadamia crop for the last five years, with this figure climbing as high as 75% in 2020. The major export markets are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe and North America, but the biggest market for macadamia kernel (shelled) is Australia itself. Australia has grown a thriving industry and macadamias are now Australia’s 4th largest horticultural export and are worth more than $290 million annually (farm gate value). With only around 50 years of commercial production as an industry and representing only around 2% of the production of all tree nuts, macadamias are still a largely under-discovered and rare product worldwide, although awareness in Australia is relatively high. Australians certainly love their macadamias, they eat more per capita than anywhere in the world.

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