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Sip Down Memory Lane: Bickford’s Nostalgic Flavours for Their Big 150

Sip Down Memory Lane: Bickford’s Nostalgic Flavours for Their Big 150

Bickfords' nostalgic flavoured cordials

From Lime Spiders to Pink Lemonade, a cordial history

Bickfords' nostalgic flavoured cordials
Bickfords’ nostalgic flavoured cordials

A sip down memory lane with Bickford’s cordials

Lime spiders by the pool, is there anything more iconically Aussie? Throwback to the gold rush era, and you’ll find the og spider, but let’s be real, they absolutely slapped last century. Now, Bickford is stirring up serious nostalgia with a cheeky nod to this frothy favourite for their epic 150th birthday bash. And yup, they’re not just stopping at lime.

Bickfords Raspberry Ripple cordial
Bickfords Raspberry Ripple cordial

Talking about a taste trip down memory lane, Bickford’s lineup includes everything from Lemon Barley Cordial that’ll have you raiding Grandma’s pantry vibes, to the zestier-than-your-local-barman Lemon Lime & Bitters. For many of us, Bickford’s wasn’t just a flavour, it was the taste of sun-soaked, cordial-fueled childhoods.

Cue the party poppers because Bickford’s is dropping six bomb new flavours to their anniversary parade, plus a throwback fan fave that’s making a comeback. These limited-edition legends include the likes of Lime Spider, Strawberry Lime Crush, and Raspberry Ripple, to name a few. Crafted for the now but with a sip of the past, each one promises to be your new summer obsession.

Bickfords cordial
Bickfords Mango Coconut Splash cordial

Bickford’s 150 Celebration Flavours:

  • Lime Spider: Kick back with this throwback to the classic ice cream soda, now with a Bickford’s twist of cool green lime and a splash of vanilla. It’s summer nostalgia in a glass, available exclusively at Woolworths.
  • Strawberry Lime Crush: Think of your fave red berry cordial but with a fresh lime twist. Perfect for those lazy, hazy afternoons and available exclusively at Woolworths .
  • Raspberry Ripple: It’s like tangy raspberry ripple ice cream in a drink. Perfect for pairing with a slice of sponge cake for a pinky-out fancy afternoon tea. Catch it first in South Australia at Coles.
  • Mango Coconut Splash: This one’s a mini tropical getaway in a bottle, mixing lush mango with creamy coconut vibes. Grab your cocktail umbrella, available exclusively at Coles .
  • Pink Lemonade: Sweet, fizzy, and oh-so-pink. It’s like capturing sunshine and a lemon tree breeze in a bottle. Pop into your local Independent Supermarkets.
  • Creamy Soda: Dive into the bubbly world of Bickford’s vanilla-rich Creamy Soda. Top it off with a scoop of ice cream for the ultimate treat, hitting Independent Supermarkets.
Bickfords Lime Spider cordial
Bickfords Lime Spider cordial

From its humble apothecary roots in 1874 Adelaide to becoming a global taste-maker, Bickford’s legacy is all about bringing quality slurps that stand the test of time. Whether it’s traditional cordials, zesty sodas, or creamy dairy-alternative sips, Bickford’s continues to serve up the good stuff with a blend of old-school quality and new-school flair. Here’s to 150 years of quenching Aussie thirsts and to many more flavours that hit just right. Cheers, Bickford’s!

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