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Kylie Keogh on Tequila

My early concept, and experience, of tequila was far from a high-brow one. It belonged to the late 1980s, when a bottle of red sombrero-capped Sierra tequila was cracked open at a friend’s house as we got ready for a night – illegally – at some terrible nightclub, wearing heels we couldn’t walk in and teased, lacquered fringes that gave us extra few inches of height.

Film Review – Retribution starring Liam Neeson

Retribution would have to be the easiest acting gig Liam Neeson has ever had – he spends almost the entire 90 minutes of the fast-paced action film in the driver’s seat of a car (a Mercedes SUV to be precise, in unmistaken and repetitive product placement). 

PAST LIVES Teo Yoo Greta Lee Aug31(3)
Film Review – Past Lives, starring Greta Lee

Past Lives is a deep, meditative study tracking the lives of two childhood friends from Seoul and the junctures where they reunite, to unexpected results. 

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Villa Copenhagen Luxury

In the heart of Copenhagen is Villa Copenhagen, an environmentally friendly five-star hotel that embodies design principles the Danes are renowned for – open space, light, symmetry, minimalism – and it all starts in the stunning atrium lobby, above which is the original 1912 Danish Post and Telegraph Office tower.

Tivoli Nimb Jul 2019 32175
Scandi-chic at the Nimb Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen is like stepping into the pages of a fairy tale; manicured gardens dot the city, castle turrets spike the skyline and at night, it twinkles softly with coloured lights.