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entering Minakuchi Shuzo - a local sake, gin and beer brewery in Matsuyama -(bottles of sake) tasting award winning sake
A Setouchi Sojourn

Our first day in Miyajima is like stepping onto a Japanese film set; the opening scene of a mythical, ancient story, with mist swirling, a vermillion Tori gate rising from the steel-coloured sea and light snow flurries falling intermittently on cue.

Mexican dancers by roger ce and unsplash
Kylie Keogh on Tequila

My early concept, and experience, of tequila was far from a high-brow one. It belonged to the late 1980s, when a bottle of red sombrero-capped Sierra tequila was cracked open at a friend’s house as we got ready for a night – illegally – at some terrible nightclub, wearing heels we couldn’t walk in and teased, lacquered fringes that gave us extra few inches of height.

Film Review – Retribution starring Liam Neeson

Retribution would have to be the easiest acting gig Liam Neeson has ever had – he spends almost the entire 90 minutes of the fast-paced action film in the driver’s seat of a car (a Mercedes SUV to be precise, in unmistaken and repetitive product placement). 

PAST LIVES Teo Yoo Greta Lee Aug31(3)
Film Review – Past Lives, starring Greta Lee

Past Lives is a deep, meditative study tracking the lives of two childhood friends from Seoul and the junctures where they reunite, to unexpected results. 

nick karvounis 3 ZGrsirryY unsplash
Villa Copenhagen Luxury

In the heart of Copenhagen is Villa Copenhagen, an environmentally friendly five-star hotel that embodies design principles the Danes are renowned for – open space, light, symmetry, minimalism – and it all starts in the stunning atrium lobby, above which is the original 1912 Danish Post and Telegraph Office tower.

Tivoli Nimb Jul 2019 32175
Scandi-chic at the Nimb Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen is like stepping into the pages of a fairy tale; manicured gardens dot the city, castle turrets spike the skyline and at night, it twinkles softly with coloured lights.