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Coffee beans by Tina Guina/ unsplash
Baristas are now obsolete with Jura’s J8

This caffeinated maestro effortlessly orchestrates an array of your preferred brews and diverse flavors with the mere touch of a button, ushering in an era of unparalleled convenience for coffee connoisseurs.

jeremy beadle qnU UR0o5X8 unsplash
France v England: Who popularised the cufflink?

The fight over the popularising of cufflinks is akin to who invented the Pavlova? Australia or New Zealand. (Of course it was Australia BTW.) But just who popularised the cufflink? Was it King Charles II in the 17th century or was it during King Louis XIV’s reign also in the 17th century?

ivan torres MQUqbmszGGM unsplash
Wood fired pizza at home in 60 seconds

Dinner parties are fun again with the Gozney Roccbox. You can give your guests the topping choices and they can make their own pizza and then pop it into the stone baked oven for two minutes and voila – perfect pizza.

sydelle dining room
Washable vintage rugs for your holiday home

If only we had known about Miss Amara’s fabulous collection of Washable Weaves earlier. We have one now and it fits in perfectly to our beachy space. It’s part of the distressed vintage styles that are oh so chic with their pastels, beiges and neturals.

Opening image credit: Warchi