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First Class Magazine was dreamt and began with inspiration from one of Australia’s most esteemed publishing brains, Eddie Thomas, former CEO Edge Custom Media. It is now being filled with some of Australia’s best talent to produce First Class, a truly refined travel magazine for the discerning Australian traveller.



Magazine readership is growing and magazines should not be lumped into the same category as newspapers. According to Cindy Nguyen of , “Magazines often offer a personal connection to readers. They become the equivalent of an “informed friend”, leading to a trusting relationship between readers and publications. A survey conducted in Australia showed “magazines stand apart as the personalized medium; the medium people turn to when they are seeking to indulge themselves in their favourite interests.” The influential power of magazines is often underestimated in the media because they are often associated for being used as a tool of entertainment and relaxation, rather than a strong platform for information, analysis, long form journalism and therefore a niche advertising interests.”

Statistics show that magazine readership is strong:

Magazines rank in the top 10% of retail category revenue, generating over $4.5 billion annually.

Magazine buyers spend $67 per weekly market basket—that’s 71% more than non- magazine buyers.

Magazine readership is growing among all targets.
More than 85% of Americans read magazines with similar statistics in Australia.

Magazine readership grew over the last five years—with audience growth up more than all other media except the internet.

The average number of issues read by an adult increased 4% since 2004. For 25–34 year olds, the growth rate was 11.5%.

First Class also offers a strong digital platform.


The Australian Travel Industry: Domestic and International

Tourism Research Australia on Wednesday released its latest domestic visitor survey, which showed spending reached a record high of $53.3 billion in the financial year ended June 30, with the 4 per cent growth.

That follows the international visitor survey, which reported international spending had risen by 7 per cent to $30.1 billion in the last financial year.

Tourism Research Australia strategic research manager Tim Quinn said the combined figure of $83.4 billion was a “great result” for the Australian tourism industry, which has targeted $115 billion to $140 billion of spending by 2020.

As of April 2017, Australian residents took 8.6 million trips in 2015-16, an increase of 4.2%. While nights increased at a slower rate, up 1.7% to 164 million nights, spend rose 5.8% to $52.5 billion. This resulted in the average spend increasing to $6,117 per trip, up $93 per trip.

Whilst Visa International’s Global Intentions Survey found that Australian travellers are among the top spenders on the global stage, coming in second place after Saudi Arabia, with average travel budgets of $4200 – that’s a huge $23 billion, and that’s projected to rise 9%.


The Magazine

First Class is an annual high quality magazine with all aspects being produced to a standard of excellence.

The magazine will feature

  • Hotels that are five star and beyond
  • The most luxurious Spas
  • Five Star Cruises
  • The highest quality Airlines
  • Adventure holidays that are five star and beyond
  • Train journeys that are five star and beyond

Contact Nikki on for further information.

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