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A million reasons: wines of South Australia

A million reasons: wines of South Australia

Eden Valley

Millon wines from the Barossa, Clare Valley and Eden Valley

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Millon Wines

Who doesn’t love a Barossa Shiraz? Especially a new kid on the block? Millon wines are not that new but fresher than many winemakers having released their first vintage in 2014. And what’s more they’re vegan friendly. Something this magazine loves and supports. Millon wines have invested deeply into their viticultural infrastructure and sustainable practices, significantly improving the quality of the grapes across each unique vineyard

Built on the ethos “good wines are made, great wines are grown”, Head Winemaker Angus Wardlow facilitates a hands-on approach that begins with the soil, starting with the perfect plot of land. Each grape varietal is then carefully selected to match the vineyards’ unique soil and climate conditions, ensuring that the grapes develop to their full potential. Handling the fruit gently, preserving beautiful whole berries to minimise bruising and unwanted oxidation, resulting in wines with great purity and balance, whilst not over extracting from the skins and seeds.

Millon has come from the Spanish Millón

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Millon Wines

The name Millon has come from the Spanish Millón, meaning million and reflects the traditional values of old world winemaking whilst acknowledging the millions of hours invested by our team to create outstanding new world wines.

The family-owned vineyards are situated in the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley and Clare Valley, with roots deep in South Australia’s viticultural history.

Small batches of wines nurtured with care, Millon artisan wines are elegant and easy to drink, eliciting the magic and heartbeat of the winery. They are hands-on during every step of the winemaking process, from vine to glass.

Millon’s Tempranillo

My first foray into Millon wines was via a Tempranillo. With a name like Millon, of course the Tempranillo would be good. Tempranillo has been grown on the Iberian Peninsulas since Phoenician times and is referred to as Spain’s noble grape. Millon’s 2021 Impressionist Tempranillo ($18) is easy to drink. Divine fruity araomatic of dark plums and mulberries are complemented by underlying notes of dried herbs and spice. Originating from Pewsey Vle vineyard the Tempranillo has been pressed into 100% seasoned French oak hogsheads, where it matured for six months. No finning or filtration was used on these wines.

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Selection of Millon wines

Millon’s Pinot Grigio

Next up is the 2021 Impressionist Pinot Grigio. The colour is of pale straw with a hint of varietal blush. Tasting notes describe the wine as possessing lifted notes of pear, lycee and hints of lemon zest. It’s a divinely crisp finish with refresthing acidity. Sourced from the high elevation vineyard in Eden Valley, this fruit was picked and delivered to the winery in the cool of night. Gently pressed, it was then cold settled for 48 hours before being racked off the lees. Fermented at cool temperatures with a small number of solids. The wine was fermented dry, slightly fined then filtered before bottling.

Millon’s handpicked Eden Valley Shiraz

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Millon Wines Shiraz

For an absolute corker, try the hand picked Eden Valley Shiraz ($55). Chocolatey with aromas of blackberries and plums, the shiraz offers fine velvety tannins.

“I constantly endeavour to ensure that I capture the fruit characteristics of the vineyard, and of the variety that I’m making. I wish to encapsulate those characteristics and not overpower them with oak or other winemaking influences, but to let the fruit come forward.” said Angus Wardlow, Head Winemaker.

Angus was born into a respected winemaking family, spending time in the presence of Barossa luminaries such as Peter Lehmann, Wolf Blass, Jim Irvine and John Glaetzer, picking fruit and stomping on grapes as a child. As Head Winemaker of Millon Estate, Angus has developed a renewed love for the Eden Valley region and believes it’s the future of the Barossa. His attitude towards winemaking is simple and based on years of experience. 

His expansive wine selection has a diverse range of varietals to suit every palate, featuring an extensive selection of reds – including Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo, whites – including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Grigio, as well as Moscato ranging in price from $18.00 – $55.00.

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